Spice of Life


The Spice of Life
Oil painting on canvas panel
8 inches by 6 inches

Knowing when to stop painting sometimes is difficult. I was planning on noodling this painting until forever. Doing that would risk an over-worked look. This is more of a painterly impressionistic style, and like how the bulbs turned out. The whole painting looks pretty good on its own, so that is where it was left. 

What I love about this oil painting, called Spice of Life, is that a different palette of colors were used. My main palette consists of five pigments including titanium-zinc white, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, Winsor Yellow (Hansa PY74), and Winsor bright red (pyrrol red PR254). But in this case, the colors are titanium-zinc white, burnt sienna, viridian, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and ivory black (all Gamblin). These colors were easy to work with and had no trouble mixing the reds from mixing burnt sienna and yellow ochre. It was magical!