Little Dragon


It has been a few many years since I've picked up a good old fashion Wacom tablet pen for completing a digital painting. It took about two hours to get back into the groove after many exercises and remembering how things worked. 

I had stopped drawing on a computer, tablet and otherwise after completing the Snootle books. The main book took an entire year with little breaks to complete. Both books were completed on the iPad Pro first generation. You can find them on Amazon at this link Snootle. Writing those books took a toll on me, but it was worth the effort.

This digital drawing is called Little Dragon, it is a still life created on Clip Studio Pro on a Mac. Why and I doing this and not oil painting today? After two full years of not painting in oils, I found that I had lost all of my skill set, my body did not remember how to even smear the paint! So, in order to keep the skill going, practice, practice, practice.