The Editors Comic Book


The Editors, Chapter One: Can't Burn It Down. This is a comic book written by Miles Curtiss at Dreaming Ansible, He hired a team of artists to realize this comic. I was honored with being hired to do the colors!

The coloring is different from most comic book colorists, as my background in the art world is traditional oil painting and comic strip art, as seen in my Snootle comic strip and cartoons. I really wanted to mix the two styles and bring full dynamic colors to the comic book world. 

The poster was a surprise, as I thought it was going to be a back page. But seeing this artwork in full size is a treat. Different from my usual color work, I was looking to give a bit of a nod to the older generations of comics, with flatter colors.

The story in The Editors is unique and profound. Here is a teaser: Best friends Brad Lee and Gabe Quesada go on a bloody road trip through time! 

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